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About Us

Les Vacances d’Irina was founded in 2017 in homage to the relaxed spirit of Mediterranean summers.

Originally inspired by a wicker basket found in a French flea market, the designs are anchored in simplicity and authenticity, uniting the romance of voluminous silhouettes and exaggerated proportions with the elegance of smart collars and cuffs, all handcrafted with longevity in mind.

The result is a considered collection of dresses, shirts and blouses, rendered in lightweight silk, crisp linen and gauzy cotton in classic neutral hues.

While our Muse remains the Mediterranean, Romanian artisanal traditions are clearly a fundamental part of our DNA.
We have not sought to reinvent the Romanian traditional artisanal canon per se, with its colorful embroideries and delicate lacework. Rather, we’ve extracted its core to serve as the basis of our collections, as we believe that there is a golden thread connecting all artisanal craft traditions across Europe.


Les vacances d'Irina is a brand that pays homage to the art of holidaying around the Mediterranean, as it once was... A time of simple glamour, when attitude mattered more then who you were.

A time when people would still write postcards and wallow in simplicity.

A time of simple ideas, honest materials and clean, timeless design. Les Vacances d’Irina slowly grew, in the rhythm and the style we wanted. Unhurried, like those lingering Summers.

We focus on sustainable items designed to last a lifetime. Both in the design and the quality of the materials.

We choose to work with linen, silk, cotton and wool - all hand worked by Romanian craftsmen, as they've been for centuries. Les vacances d'Irina is about simplicity and authenticity. It is our own unique story that we have chosen to share with you.


We embrace a personalized approach to crafting garments, avoiding mass production. In our atelier, each order is meticulously brought to life by the skilled hands of our seamstresses. Collaborating with small ateliers for store-bound orders, we champion the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, avoiding automated processes in favor of time-honored hand techniques.

The distinction between items crafted in an atelier versus those made in factories is more than just aesthetic—it's a testament to our unwavering commitment to artisanal traditions. While our approach is not a fast fashion one, we believe that true beauty lies in the journey, in the moments of creation and connection.

We may not always adhere strictly to delivery schedules, but we promise to send out your order thoughtfully within 5 to 10 working days.

Our commitment to you extends beyond the purchase: repairs for products ordered from us are complimentary as long as we are able to undertake them (does not include shipping).